Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Who's about that LIFE!!! I am!!!!

Well I have always loved a nice cold glass of coke,I once told my friend a ice cold Coca Cola is like a American dream in a cup.It always takes me back to the first time I tasted Coca. I was about 10,sitting outside on the pouch on a hot summer day.My mouth and tongue went haywire.I have loved it ever since.I never could drink a diet coca or coca zero,it always left a nasty after taste.But I'm loving the Coca Cola Life.It taste great,and don't leave that awful after taste.I won't feel guilty drinking 2 a day with it having less calories then a regular Coca Cola. The sweetness is just right,you get the best of both worlds,a Coca that is better for you and it still sweet.Who wouldn't love it.It's a must try.
I got this product from bzzagent!!!

Have a great day!
Love yourself for who you are!!

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