Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Who don't love a boxycharm!!!

Hey Yall!!

              So yesterday I got my boxycharm box,I couldn't wait to try all these goodies in it.
               The first thing I try was the Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner and the Seta eyeliner brush
The mica beauty's gel eyeliner  is perfect for drawing attention to your eyes without smudging or fading. Lasts longer than regular eyeliners and is a quick dry,smudge proof liner.

The seta eyeliner brush claims it achieve a flawless line. The brush will cost you $16

Well I love the brush,it easy to apply.I got a cat eyes what little effort. This will be my go to brush with any gel eye liner.

Yesterday about 3:40 I starter play with the Mica Beauty gel eyeliner,it went on smooth,it didn't tug at my eyes.It was just really creamy and with that eyeliner brush it went great. Here are some pictures.
One eye has primer on and one don't. To test how long it really stays. I do have oily eyelids.

                                                  Eye with out primer at 3:50
                                                   Eye with primer at 3:50

So the eye with out the primer has a little bit of smudge going on immediately,but it could have been my fault,because I have a hard time of keeping my eyes close while it drys. So here is another set of pictures 3 hours later.

                                               Eye with primer at 7:00
                                                Eye with out primer at 7:00
As you can tell it has faded and smudge within 3 hours with out eye primer.I do have to wear eye primer with my stila stay all day eyeliner as while,but it will last 24 hours with out a fade or smudge. I notice that the eye with primer has started smudge as while when I got home from work.I don't have a picture to show.Sorry!I did enjoy play with this eyeliner like I said it was creamy and easy to apply.For a full size of the mica beauty gel eyeliner is $35. Would I pay that for it, I don't know yet.I going to play with it some more and see.I will update yall then.

If you have tried this product leave me a comment of what you thought of it.

Have a great day!!!
Love yourself for who you are!

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