Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bio True

I got a bottle of these,I don't wear contact or glasses,but Its a full bottle sample.So this will be going into a family member stocking.

Vitamin Burst

I got 4 little sample of these,I won this in a game,I think!!!I got 2acai berry and 2strawberry pomegranate. I don't have one of them fancy coffee makers,so I'll be trying something different with these.

Wide Angle Lens

I got one of the wide angle lens from Marlboro for cell phones,I got to say this is one of the coolest freebie that I have got.I works really well and its so neat how it hooks up to your phone and then you can take it off and clip it onto your key rings.VERY NICE FREEBIE MARLBORO!!!!


So I'm not a big makeup user,only thing I wear is,eyeshadow ,mascara,eye liner,and some lip gloss.So I really don't know what to do with!!! Is say to put on 2 times a day,to help correct dark spot,well I don't have them yet.So from what I know primer is a base to help keep your makeup in place.Help me if I wrong!!!!!

Mary Kat

I got 3 different lip glosses from different website.I will not be using these.Because I don't use anything that doesn't come with a plastic seal around it.I'm not sure if all of there product don't come with it.But I don't like that at all.

Beauty Bag

So I was got me a beauty bag from targets,I must say It is supper cute and the bag is made good.I thought it would be a piece of junk.It came with sample of everything in the picture,and a coupon booklet.I don't have a target around me should that would go to waste,unless someone would like to have it,I will mail to you.Just let me know.

Some Time

So it's been so time,since I made a post,Sorry about that!!!I been getting a lot of stuff.I have started couponing,so that has been taking up some time to get everything ready.Sorry for that!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So GNC was giving out coupon for free full size of each item yesterday,and the coupon expires tomorrow.So went an get mine today and they give me 4 more freebie for each item.2 bar,and 2 pack of pills.I don't take any kind of diet pills.Anyways I see a lot of people say that the chews were so awful.But I kinda like them the taste is good,but the texture is chewy but grainy,so you can get past that you in the good.The other is very yummy,it says you can mix it with cold beverages,but it really thick,so yeah I wouldn't unless it is with a smoothie.A $60 value for free.Why not give it a try.

Dust that flake off!!!!

Got a same of these 0.34 oz of the Shampoo and Conditioner.Can't wait to use it.Hope it smell good.I already love head and shoulders.

Onion Crunch

I got 2- 0.35 oz of these little things.I don't care for the French onion things,but mine bf likes them in green bean casserole.So Ill be making that soon.YAY!! :)

Rename product

It looks like they would have come up with a better name for this.I know this product has been around for years and years.But Astroglide Really!!!I hate that name.It should be Glide-easy or Glide somthing.But yeah that's all I got to say about this.


I got a coupon for a free drink from Kevita.What do you know I have to drive 2 hours to get one.Not!!!! This girls won't be trying it.:)


I also got this,I don't do no planting,so yeah.It looks pretty and stuff.But not mine thing to do.

Beauty Bag

So I finally got my target beauty bag,From what I understand this isn't as good as the other bags,people have gotten before.But Hey it was free and plus you get sample of lotion,shampoo,makeup,and coupon for target.Its not bad.You won't see me complain about it:)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

DreamCatcher earrings

I got a pair of these,but mine are pink.They are so cute!!I don't wear earring,But when I got these I put them on and fell in LOVE with them.I had some many compliments about how good they looked on me.So I'll be wearing these ALOT.

Bath&Body Works

Got a mini pineapple mango candle at bath&body works.This smell so good.There facebook page was giving these away for free today,they might still be available.You should check it out.

Do the Kind thing

I got 2 Kind bar.These are a health bar.Very yummy.It is very chewy,and nutty.Give them a try,if you ever run across them.


I got 2 -36ml sample of this.This is alright,I like the taste of it but burns a little,but not bad.It also bubbles up really good,but it leaves not so good after taste.But my mouth does feel good afterwords.

Clear Tone

I got 2- 0.5oz samples of the clear tone.I'm a degree girl(just dance).But I will give this a try.It doesn't smell all that great.But if it keep the stink away.I'm all for it!!! lol

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So I'm starting the coupon thing,I have been watching youtube video about it,and learning.So yesterday I went to Walgreens and  tried it.So this is what I got 3-12 pack of drink,2 Nivea body wash,4 gain soaps,3 optic white Colgate ,2 Nivea lip gloss,1 old spice,1 cottonelle,and 4 One touch Verio Iq all for under $7.00!!!!Yes your reading that right:) Total savings 337.93!!! WOW Why haven't I been doing this long time ago.Stupid!!! So this made my mail box freebie day way :) I don't use the One touch verio Iq,so they will being going to people that need them or donating them to a helping center..

Wild Grape Chews!!!!

The only thing I got yesterday :(.But I was very surprised by the taste,really yummy.I love chewy stuff,I'll pick chewy stuff over chocolate any day:)And this a vitamin,heck yeah!!!!If you don't like taking pills,try these!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012


UPS brought this to me today also.It is a full size sample.Super awesome!!!:).I haven't tried it,but I hope it does what it says.


I also got 2(0.14 fl,oz.) of this today.I really like this.I wash my hand alot,to where they crack open.When I got this,I opened it as fast as I could.It made my hand super soft and it's lightweight and fast absorbing,I can't stand that oily(other lotion) feeling on my hand.It just makes me want to wash it back off.So I will be buying a bottle of this,oh and it came with 2 coupons:)!!!


So I got 2(Xtendlife) sample of each,There is a Nigh Cream(Restorative),Facial Fluid(for men),and Day Cream(Age Defense Active).They both came in the bag and with alot of info.I can't wait to try.Sorry the picture is a little dark.


So I got this today.It's a pumpkin and it changes colors.Its really cool.I thought i would be bigger,its about the size of a peach.My bf like it alot,he said he was going to use it as a night MAN!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


So the FIRST person that sends me an email with your ADDRESS ,and NAME.I will send them a coupon for a FREE Bear Nake Cereal(Target only),a coupon of 1.00 off of something and A sample(New) of my choice that I already have.

Email me at:

All address will get delete as soon as I get the winner:)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

3D Apple

I got 3 sample in the mail today.One was this 3D apple notepad.How much cuter could it be?!!!It's kind hard to rip a piece out of it,but its a really cool freebie!!! And this come with some sample of gummy bears.Not the greatest


I got a single serving sample of the chocolate.Well one day I wanted something chocolate I didn't have nothing in the house,until I looked into my freebie goodie bag.So I mix it with cold water,and sit it in the freezer for about 5min because I like everything i drink cold.So when I went an got it and took a sip..EWWW!!! I couldn't even swallow it,I went straight to the sink and washed my cup and fix me some coca cola.


BzzAgent is a social marketing company that uses word of mouth as a selling tool for companies. BzzAgent has recruited people from all over the world to help spread the word.Bzzagents fuel the machine that is BzzAgent by trying out full sized samples of products, reviewing them, and spreading the word to others. It is as simple as that. Recent samples Cover Girl's new line of foundation and lip gloss, and the Silk brand of non-dairy drink. BzzAgent has been using word of mouth since 2001. All you have to do is sign up and do the surveys and be patient. It is that simple.I haven't got anything from them yet(another member has sent me something from her campaigns kit).I just sign up at the beginning of September.When you start you have a load of surveys to take and that is how that match you with the right campaign,and what the company is looking for(if they want a person between 18-25 years old and so on).So if you sign up and don't get a campaigns right aways,just be patients.It will come.

I do not get pay(beside getting to try new products and share my opinion) in any kind of way for blogging about this company or any other company you see on this page.

If you want to join this compay just to go

If you have any question just email me at

Friday, October 19, 2012


Nivea was giving out 89,000 free coupon about a month ago,I missed it.But one of my freebie friends was having a contest and he was giving 4 of his coupon away for the prize.He got like (25)WOW.But I won one of them.I got the Milk&Honey,I love it.It makes my lips feel so good and smooth.It really don't have a smell to it.But my lips are


In these you get 3 Atkins bar,A booklet on how to eat and some coupons.I can't remember what kind of bars I got,but 1 of them was really good,I was very surprised.The others are ok.I ate them,so that says alot.The chocolate is very bitter.So don't go an think your getting a snickers bar.:)

Breathe Right

I received  2 single sample.I really don't like these,they didn't stick to my nose oh that well.NO I don't have a big the time that it did stay,I really didn't fell no difference.Maybe if they had more glue on them to help open up my nasal passages(Gross),it would be better.But if you want to try,they might work better for you!!


I got 3 sample of Downy unstoppable.They smell so good,you would want to try to eat them.So if you have a kids in the house I would make sure you put this away so there couldn't get to them.Because they are small.I haven't tired them yet,but I can't wait!!!Smelling Fresh!!! I tried this last night too(10/21) I'm not very happy with it.They smelled so good in the pack,that smell didn't got to my clothes.I really couldn't tell a difference if it make it softer either.The package said to load in the washer,put you cloths in,and add you washing powers(or whatever you use) and softer.Disappointing:(  So NO I wouldn't be buying this product.If anyone has tried this product,let me hear what you think about it.


I got 2 sample of these,the super orange and Acai berry today.I never tried these before,i have a hard time getting stuff down,if it taste awful.,so I hope they don't.
Got a 2 pack of these.But I don't use these,I thought I would give them to a family member,but then my boyfriend said that would be rude.So I don't know what to do with them.Ill give them to a nursing  home,i guess.

Novus Cigs

This is the Novus smokeless cigarette,I got one of each kind.I tasted the Citrus flavor,It tasted alright,so then I want to see what ingredients was in it,but couldn't find anything beside,Proprietary botanical tinctures and natural flavors.Contains ingredients Generally Recognized as safe (GRAS) for food use by FAD. So try at your own risk.


I got 2-0.9oz tubes of this today as well.So when i use it.Yall will hear about it:)

John Frieda

I got a 0.28 fl oz of the Hydrate+Nourish Shampoo and the Purify+Nourish shampoo.I just got this today,so when I try this,I'll tell you what i think.So I tired this lastnight,and fell in LOVE.The smell so good,and the shampoo make my hair feel so smooth like conditioner.When your putting the shampoo in your hair,it make your hair feel like silk and lather up real nice :) I don't like conditioner(any)it always weight my hair with this shampoo,you don't need it.Plus if you got the LIVING PROOF SAMPLE you can't got wrong:)
I got a 0.75 oz bag,I didn't care for them that much,They mady my mouth really dry.But they do have a good taste.I probably wouldn't go out and buy them.This a Gluten free,Non-gmo,and low fat.So if you like that kind of stuff,you might like it,So give it a try.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Just some of the freebie & sample I have got since I started(September 2012)!!Not bad.If you would like to learn how to get this free,just leave a comment or email me at is not a SCAM!!!

L&M Coaster

L&M was sent out freezable coaster out to there member a while back.They don't work all that good,they stay cold for about 5min,and back to room temperature.But they are every heavy and easy to clean.I  like the sleek look to them.So the coaster do what coaster should do!!!!Not a bad freebie!!!


I got 2 single serving samples of Ovaltine.I not to king on milk,but add this to it,very Yummy.It isn't to rich of a chocolate taste.It mixed very well,I can't stand when your mixing something and it take you 15 min just to get to mix well.I could see myself buying this.Got!!


I got 2 nail polish and a feet cream from julep for $0.01,but you have to be a new member and they charge you $19 a mother after the first month.All I got to say its not worth it,to me.I painted my nails one day,it was chipping really bad the next.The size isn't very big at all.The foot cream on the other hand,is very good,after the second time you can tell a different,you foot is more smooth.Even my bf uses


I have the mocha and caramel latte samples.I have only tired the mocha,it was awful.It tasted like dirt.I'm scared to try to others.I'm not a coffee drinker,but I can handle it.So the others will be going into stocking for the holidays.Try if you dare!!! So my boyfriend went ahead and tried the caramel latte,and he thought it tasted much better then the mocha.


Well I don't know about the stress this does leaves my skin feeling really good,and smooth.I like to rub it around my eyes.It does feel good while applying it,but after you done,the stress come back.It has a good smell(eucalyptus spearmint) to it.Would I pay $10-15..NO!

Glade Oil Diffuser

This is the other product from the bzzagent member!!!This is a oil diffuser(pineapple&mangosteen),it doesn't take batteries and doesn't have to be plug up.WOW!!! It is very simple design but elegant at the same time.It looks good anywhere you put it.You can't go wrong with this.The smells wonderful and it smelled my whole living room and kitchen up in no time.This item is a most!!Go get your self one!!!!


A bzzagent sent me 2 different products from glade.This is one of them.This smell amazing (lavender and juniper berry)!!The way the bottle is shape it feel good in your hand.The smell of it last awhile,it not spay one minute,gone the next!!! i also like the fact that it is a plain bottle after you make the wrapper off,so you can design it the way you want.So have fun with it!!:)

Living Proof

Living Proof - Prime Style Extender™
Got a good size sample of this in the mail.I loved it.It smells good,it doesn't weight my hair down.Its not oily and keep my hair smooth.They are giving these out on there fb page everyday 12pm until they reach 25,000.