Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stila VS Milani

Which eye liner do think will win?Leave a comment.Results will be posted tomorrow morning!!!!

So I wore both eyeliner for a little over 13 hours.I took a shower,and slept with them on!!
Here are some picture when I first applied the eyeliners.

                                                         The Stila Eyes
                                                          The Milani eye

I do have Wet and Wild eye primer on,if I didn't either eyeliner would last on my eyes no more then an hour.I have very oily eyelids :(

Here is a close up of each eyeliner on my arm.

                                                      Milani             Stila
When I look at the eyeliners side by side they are very simular.The Stila looks a little darker and hint of shine.

Both claim to be water proof,as you can see below a picture of the same marks.I ran a little water over them and then ran a finger over them.It didn't take much effect to rub the Milani complete away :(.

After 13 hour or so,here is what my eyes look like.

                                                           Stila eye 13hours later
                                                          Milani eye 13hours later
The Stila stayed put really well,I'm really impressed.Now don't get me wrong the Milani didn't last,but it stay put for a good 9 hours.But if you don't have oily eyelids it could last longer. The Stila Stay All Day will cost you $20 and the Milani Eye Tech Extreme cost $7.98. I would recommend both product.Both didn't smudge or feather out for 9 hours.

What I don't like about both Products. :(


I hate both felt-tip.The Milani is a little to stiff,if it was just a little more flexible it would be perfect.When I was putting it on it made it didn't feel so good.The product came out of the felt-tip like a dream,just putting it on isn't! :(
The Stila felt -tip is to soft and after a few uses,the felt-tip starts having little pieces of the tip hang on from dear life.It product comes out great,it does apply easier then the Milani.Paying $20 for a eyeliner,it looks like the company can make a better tip.If both tip could come together,it would be prefect!!!

So if your looking for something to last for 9 hours,both wore great.
Apply the eyeliner....... Stila
Staying more then 9hour......Stila
If you want to spend $20 for a eyeliner go for the stila!
If not Milani will get the job done.

Have a great day!!!
Love yourself for who you are!! <3

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