Monday, September 14, 2015

Love a Man with a BEARD!!!

So I received Bronson Naturals triple blend oil about 2 weeks ago for free for my honest review.My boyfriend has been growing out his beard for a while now.He has tried a lot of different oil.He likes this oil,but he prefer oils with scents.If your not worried about the smell,then you will really enjoy this oil.Its easy to apply and a little goes along way.This oil make your beard really soft and give it a little shine to it.Bronson Naturals triple blend beard oil comes in a nice size bottle (1fl oz) it would last you awhile.My boyfriend only had to put the oil in 1 time a day,right after his shower.Not only does the beard oil make your beards soft,it also make your skin soft and you won't itch.If your looking for a good beard oil with no smell,this oil is great.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Who loves a man with a BEARD!!!

My boyfriend has been using this beard oil for a couple of weeks now.I must say he has really been enjoy it.It's a nice thick oil so you don't need as much.It comes with a dripper,which is easy to use and you know how much your using.This oil is made with high quality oils.The first time he used it he could tells it was going to be a good oil.It made his beard really soft and a little shiny.No man wants a greasy looking beard!!!!The comb is great too,its the perfect size for any size beard.Its is made with real wood.No man should ever use a plastic comb in his beard,its really bad for it.You get the best of both world in one order,so why not.It's a must try!!!

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