Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bio True

I got a bottle of these,I don't wear contact or glasses,but Its a full bottle sample.So this will be going into a family member stocking.

Vitamin Burst

I got 4 little sample of these,I won this in a game,I think!!!I got 2acai berry and 2strawberry pomegranate. I don't have one of them fancy coffee makers,so I'll be trying something different with these.

Wide Angle Lens

I got one of the wide angle lens from Marlboro for cell phones,I got to say this is one of the coolest freebie that I have got.I works really well and its so neat how it hooks up to your phone and then you can take it off and clip it onto your key rings.VERY NICE FREEBIE MARLBORO!!!!


So I'm not a big makeup user,only thing I wear is,eyeshadow ,mascara,eye liner,and some lip gloss.So I really don't know what to do with!!! Is say to put on 2 times a day,to help correct dark spot,well I don't have them yet.So from what I know primer is a base to help keep your makeup in place.Help me if I wrong!!!!!

Mary Kat

I got 3 different lip glosses from different website.I will not be using these.Because I don't use anything that doesn't come with a plastic seal around it.I'm not sure if all of there product don't come with it.But I don't like that at all.

Beauty Bag

So I was got me a beauty bag from targets,I must say It is supper cute and the bag is made good.I thought it would be a piece of junk.It came with sample of everything in the picture,and a coupon booklet.I don't have a target around me should that would go to waste,unless someone would like to have it,I will mail to you.Just let me know.

Some Time

So it's been so time,since I made a post,Sorry about that!!!I been getting a lot of stuff.I have started couponing,so that has been taking up some time to get everything ready.Sorry for that!!!