Friday, October 19, 2012


I got 3 sample of Downy unstoppable.They smell so good,you would want to try to eat them.So if you have a kids in the house I would make sure you put this away so there couldn't get to them.Because they are small.I haven't tired them yet,but I can't wait!!!Smelling Fresh!!! I tried this last night too(10/21) I'm not very happy with it.They smelled so good in the pack,that smell didn't got to my clothes.I really couldn't tell a difference if it make it softer either.The package said to load in the washer,put you cloths in,and add you washing powers(or whatever you use) and softer.Disappointing:(  So NO I wouldn't be buying this product.If anyone has tried this product,let me hear what you think about it.

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