Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So I'm starting the coupon thing,I have been watching youtube video about it,and learning.So yesterday I went to Walgreens and  tried it.So this is what I got 3-12 pack of drink,2 Nivea body wash,4 gain soaps,3 optic white Colgate ,2 Nivea lip gloss,1 old spice,1 cottonelle,and 4 One touch Verio Iq all for under $7.00!!!!Yes your reading that right:) Total savings 337.93!!! WOW Why haven't I been doing this long time ago.Stupid!!! So this made my mail box freebie day way :) I don't use the One touch verio Iq,so they will being going to people that need them or donating them to a helping center..

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